A rough guide to costs

Whether you opt for a simple (but still stylish!) website or one with a range of complex features, the development costs can be split into the same three distinct elements: fees, additional items, and expenses & disbursements.

  • Fees - typically make up the bulk of the total cost, and reflect the time needed to define your requirements, and then to design, develop and deliver your website onto the internet. The level of fees will depend on the type, size, style and complexity of website you choose.

    However, while more pages generally means more work (and therefore more cost) the two factors don't quite go hand in hand. For instance, creating the templates and stylesheets for the structure and appearance of single and multi-page websites involves a similar amount of work.

  • Additional items - include the time needed to design and develop complex graphics, manipulate photos and images, or write copy for your pages. These items are usually defined and agreed early on.
  • Expenses & disbursements - are generally fixed costs, and are unrelated to the size and complexity of your website. For instance, your annual domain name registration and web-hosting subscription fall into this category.

So - with the proviso that each website is different, and that you will receive a clear estimate of the likely cost based on your specific requirements before deciding to go ahead - here is a rough guide.

Size of website
pages 1 - 5 100 / page
pages 6 - 10 90 / page
pages 11 - 20 80 / page
pages 21+ to be agreed

Additional items  
Creation of complex graphics 30 / hour
Sourcing images from photo libraries £30 / hour
Photography - or manipulation of photos £30 / hour
Copy writing - apart from minor editing of text 30 / hour
Changes to specification already agreed £30 / hour

Expenses & disbursements
Photo library costs typically less than 1 / image
Domain registration typically less than 10 / year
Webhosting package typically 50 - 100 / year

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