Step 2: designing your website style & format

What age is your audience - and how familiar will your visitors be with using the internet? Will you - and they - be expecting a polished, professional appearance, or is a more informal style more appropriate? What about the balance between text and graphics, and the use of colour? How will the content material be sub-divided - and therefore, what menus are needed and where should they go?

Having clarified your objectives in step 1, this second step involves thinking a bit more about your intended audience and its expectations. The answers to these questions will enable me to sketch out some design ideas on paper or on powerpoint slides, where they can be tweaked and amended to produce a mock-up of the finished website.

What does this involve?

  • creating a clean, unfussy and consistent layout - to support your website's intended purpose and match your audience's needs
  • sorting the content into logical categories - to ensure the website's structure makes sense to your audience
  • using sensible headings and subheadings - to present information in manageable chunks
  • limiting the amount of text on each page - to avoid the need for tiresome scrolling
  • providing clear menus and navigation aids - so that visitors can see at a glance where they are, and can find anything they need within three clicks


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