How long will it take to develop my website?

It's probably quicker than you think - but with all websites, there's a four-stage design process to go through, so it depends how much work needs to be done at each stage.

For instance, if you have already a clear idea of what you want your website to do, then the first stage can sometimes be bypassed. The second stage - in which the basic design ideas are sketched out - depends on how many refinements are needed before settling on your preferred layout and style.

Once the overall design has been agreed, the development process (the third stage) actually proceeds quite quickly - in fact, it is quite likely that I will be asking you for relevant content material faster than you can send it! And the fourth stage - where the finished website is uploaded onto the internet - doesn't take very long to complete.

So, a small brochure website with a few simple pages could theoretically be put together in a matter of days - but only if you're already clear about what you want your website to do, you've got a design in mind, and all your content material is ready to go. On the other hand, it is usually necessary to spend quite a bit of time on the first two stages to avoid costly changes later on - so in practice, the whole process typically tends to take several weeks.

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