How will my website be updated & maintained?

It's important to consider this question at an early stage of the development process, as it may determine the basic structure - and cost - of your website. In fact, there are two questions to be answered:

  • How often do you expect your website's content to need updating? For instance, a simple brochure website may need to be updated only very occasionally, whereas an interactive, consumer-focused website may contain material that changes weekly, daily - or even hourly.
  • Are you able to do this yourself, or will you need help? The content of static websites can be a bit fiddly to change without messing-up the basic page format - so it's probably best done by someone with a bit of web-design know-how. On the other hand, Content Management System (CMS) websites are designed specifically to allow the content to be changed without any special knowledge of computer code.

You can read more about the different sorts of website by following the links on these pages. But basically:

  • if you're expecting to make infrequent changes, then it is probably easiest (and cheaper) to have a static website and agree a 'pay as you go' maintenance arrangement - or, for more frequent updates, we can agree a monthly maintenance charge.
  • if your website material is constantly changing, then a Content Management System (CMS) is the best way forward so that you can make the changes yourself - although you need to remember that these websites are more complex (and therefore, more expensive) to build.

Whatever you decide, it's really important to not neglect this aspect of your website. A poorly maintained or out-of-date website is very off-putting, and can send entirely the wrong messages to your prospective audience.

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