Warwick Hunt - from doctor to designer

Before setting up Professional Pages in 2008, I worked as a doctor for over 25 years - first as a General Practitioner, and then as a medical adviser and consultant to a number of NHS and private sector organisations. So what makes a doctor become a website designer?

Two things. First, in each of my roles, it always struck me how the choice of layout, text and graphics in documents and presentations could often support (or hinder!) the messages that I was trying to convey - either to my patients or colleagues.

For instance, during my medical career I designed - and wrote the material for - a number of articles and documents for lay and professional audiences, from 400-word articles for patients to multi-page booklets for doctors and managers. For me, choosing the right format and language for the task in hand was always a key part of this.

And secondly, after a serious illness in 2006 I took early retirement from the NHS. So, with time to reflect - and the need to look for a change of direction - I started to explore the idea of designing websites as a way of applying and developing my interest in organising and presenting information in user-friendly ways.

After training at the local college, I developed a community website for my local town of Burton Latimer (www.burtonlatimer.org) - and Professional Pages has grown steadily since then through a regular stream of commissions.

Feedback from my clients indicates that they value:

  • A personal service - from start to finish
  • A focus on their needs - and those of their intended audience
  • Attention to detail at all times during the design and development process
  • A professional-looking result at an agreeable cost
  • A clear pricing structure - with no hidden extras
  • Regular communication - to keep them informed of progress

If this approach appeals to you, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Warwick Hunt

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